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made of more is an agile, strategic design and marketing agency

Founded in Chester, made of möre was created to deliver effective marketing solutions to ambitious businesses that are looking to scale.

We exist to challenge the status quo and deliver truly impactful marketing, web design and development with your specific business objectives in mind.

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What we do
Marketing strategy


made of möre will help you build and accelerate your business both on and offline. We use our knowledge of the market and extensive research to pinpoint which activity will get your business in front of the highest intent audiences.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, sales or sign ups, we work with you to identify what activity will have the biggest impact, helping you to improve your conversion rate and reach your goals.

Graphic Design


Our experienced team of designers will help your brand stay ahead of the curve. We combine creative storytelling with seamless user experience to create customer journeys that lead to conversions.

From branding, to websites, to day-to-day graphic design, we are on hand to bring your brand to life and effectively capture your target audience’s attention.

Website Build Development


We build beautiful websites to help you turn business challenges into opportunities. Our development team closely follows evolving trends and uses only the most pioneering technology to create slick and impactful websites for our clients.

We use data and market solutions to uncover the problem areas of your website, coming up with intelligent solutions to entice your users to convert.

Marketing Delivery


Whether you’re looking for some short-term assistance to help with the delivery of a project, or for ongoing support with marketing, design and development, we can help.

We act as an extension of your team to strengthen your sales and marketing output and help you meet wider business goals and objectives.