Website and Collateral Design

DropJaw Ventures

For the website, we began by analysing and understanding DropJaw’s three core target audiences and evaluating how best to establish the unique user journeys. By taking time to develop new content for the website, we were able to devise a streamlined sitemap and pinpoint areas of crossover.

The design of the website focused on clear communication of the different ways DropJaw can support businesses, whilst highlighting strong conversion points to maximise leads.

A new area that Roy was keen to showcase was the ‘DropJaw Portfolio’ as a focus area for the group moving forward. On the website, we created a showcase page that would allow multiple different businesses and brands to sit together in one cohesive display. This is an area that will grow as new companies join, so we were sure to make sure the page allowed for evolution and the build was user-friendly for easy updating.

dropjaw ventures

Thanks to everyone at made of möre for delivering an amazing job on the new DropJaw Ventures Group website!

Roy Shelton, Managing Director

Inkeeping with the new website, we updated the supporting sales collateral that the DropJaw team used daily, making sure that prospective partners had a seamless brand journey.