Digital Brand Transformation


EpiValence already had an established brand that was recognised worldwide by suppliers, customers, and partners and therefore it was vital that the work that we undertook followed that brand and that we didn’t make too many drastic changes.

When Made of Möre was approached by Chris Richards, Commercial Director at EpiValence, he was looking for a complete website refresh using their current branding so that the site represented the company in a positive way when visiting networking events around the world. Chris also needed a new website that better displayed their products and services.

The old site was still showing areas that the company no longer focussed on and was experiencing high levels of spam.

The project started with auditing their current brand, logo, colours, fonts, and imagery. Instead of completely rebranding, Made of Möre took their current, outdated brand and presented them with a ‘digital refresh’. This was created specifically to modernise the brand, whilst retaining all historic brand recognition that the company had built.

The Made of Möre account team worked closely with Chris to review all of the site content in order to optimise the positioning of the services that they wanted to advertise to potential clients.

One area that needed to be explored was the display of the available chemicals and how it could be more appealing and understood by users visiting the site. They must be able to easily search and find a specific chemical and be able to take away important information for each. The designers at Made of Möre created what the client now calls ‘the periodic snake’. This function displays the periodic elements in a snake linked together using their signature hexagon shapes.

We have also put security plug-ins in place on the site to make sure that they no longer get hacked and inundated with spam.

In the end, the client was extremely satisfied with the final look of the site and was ready to meet with potential new clients at events, using their new website to represent EpiValence. Now that the website is live, we are working on replacing their old branded stationery and event collateral with their refreshed styling.