Launch and Strategic Marketing

Runway by Raising Partners

It was clear from day one that Runway was going to fill a gap in the market for entrepreneurs to access and consume a wide variety of content across the fundraising and business growth categories. The brand was developed to sit cohesively within the Raising Partners family – helping to build credibility – but to also be able to standalone effectively in the market place. A striking colour palette and clean visual style was created to allow the content to take centre stage on all platforms.

With a wide target audience, and a significant requirement to withstand frequent expansion of content, we began with UX/UI discovery and development to ensure the site was suitable for various user journeys, and would be able to evolve effectively with the business. To support the onsite content, a graphic style was developed for use across article thumbnails and within body copy to illustrate key learnings. The made of möre team worked closely with Raising Partners and external partners to collate, write or edit, prep and upload content to the website with over 50 long-form articles being collected in the 6 weeks before launch.

Thank you so much made of möre team for all of your incredible work and support. I couldn’t ask for better partners to work with on this!

Helena Murphy, Managing Partner

For launch, our focus was also to create a social media and communication strategy that would effectively drive the growth of Runway. Instagram was defined as a key channel and a bespoke content plan was created, inclusive of organic and sponsored posts, reels, stories and IGTV.

Ongoing communications put in place included automated Welcome emails in Pardot/Salesforce, a bi-weekly newsletter and an email template for events promotion.


Social Launch Impressions

Following a small teaser campaign, the first 7 days of launch saw the Runway Instagram and LinkedIn content achieve over 35,000 impressions. The launch was also covered by leading European technology news platform, Silicon Canals, via partner Nara.

We are now in place to support with ongoing marketing and content support for Runway, and are excited to play a part in delivering a brand new offering to start-ups, founders and entrepreneurs.