Digital Brand Transformation


The project started with the review and audit of the existing brand that was widely recognised in the sector but was showing its age. We looked at an evolution that modernised the logo and developed a visual style that could roll out across online and offline collateral.

Before approaching the website, we conducted an in-depth competitor analysis. As DLRC offer a wider range of technical services, it was important to create a clean and simple user journey that would guide a visitor to the service they required.

It was important to DLRC for the website to also support future recruitment, and time was spent developing a well-rounded ‘About Us’ and ‘Careers’ section that housed the vision and values of the business. These areas were created with sections to highlight the prestigious awards DLRC has won, plus a dedicated page showcasing the company’s ‘Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) & Wellbeing’ commitments.

DLRC Screens
DLRC Screens 2

A big part of DLRC’s marketing and communications strategy is focused around a calendar of global exhibitions. These events are important to connect with existing clients, but also engage with new prospects. We created a suite of banners and posts that can be used in line with future events and expanded upon for targeted attendance.

DLRC Pull up banner mockup re